Via Velo vs Kryptonite Bike U Lock Comparison

Two Locks standing on a table, Comparison between Via Velo and Kryptonite U Lock

Via Velo vs Kryptonite Lock:

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Today we are going to compare two popular U-Locks. The Kryptonite Evolution 7 mini and the Via Velo Bicycle U-Lock. Both U Locks feature similar designs and come with a cable lock that you can use to secure your wheels or multiple bikes.

Can Via Velo beat Kryptonite? Let’s find out

Comparison: Basic Information

Categorie:Via VeloKryptoninte Evolution 7 mini
Weight (Lock Only):732g896g
Cable:180cm woven steel cable is inclueded120cm Kryptoflex braided steel cable
Dustcover:turning to closesliding to close
Mounting bracket:Screw On MountStrap Mount
Keys: 2 exclusively designed ones included3 Stainless Steel ones included,Key Replacement available
Steel shackle:13mm13mm

Looking at the specs those two look fairly similar. Both feature a same size steel shackle, come with a steel cable lock and overall feature the same basic design.

Like most times, the difference is in the details.

Size Comparison

Size Comparison of Via Velo U Lock vs Kryptonite Evolution 7 mini
Via Velo: a bit wider and longer

The Via Velo’s inner width is 3cm wider and the inner length is about 1,5cm wider than the Kryptonite. Even though this sounds like a minor size difference, I have experienced the Via Velo being capable to lock the combination: frame + rear wheel + road sign pole fairly easy. The Kryptonite on the other hand can lock that combination as well, but it’s a lot harder to position the bike and the road sign for example.


Frame Mount

The Frame mounting options of the Kryptonite and the Via Velo provide easy access to your lock. You will always have the lock right when you need it. Comparing and using both frame mounts I tend to favor the Kryptonite’s solution more. 

Bike U Lock attached to a old school road bike frame
Frame Mount: Turn 45 degree to insert

Via Velo uses a plastic mount on both your bike frame, and your bike lock. You insert your lock into the mechanism and than turn it down about 45 degrees. Functional and works pretty good.

Kryptonite Evolution 7 mini mounted to an old school road bike
Frame Mount: Slide to insert

Kryptonite uses a hard plastic mount on the bike frame and a metal one on the lock itself. You insert the lock by sliding it in from the front. You will need a bit more force to secure it, but it also feels more stiff and better mounted to your bike.

One particular annoying thing is that both locks tend to rattle when riding uneven terrain. The Via Velo is louder due to its horizontal positioning inside my bike frame. (the mounting bracket of the Via Velo didn’t fit under my brake hose -> I positioned it on the seat tube)


Security is pretty difficult to compare. Kryptonite feels more secure when holding both locks side to side. The steel shackles are the same size and both locks feature good and secure locking mechanisms.

Looking at the included cable locks, I would not rate one higher than the other. Both are good quality, I will choose which one to take based on the length. The Kryptonite one is 120cm and the Via Velo is 180cm, so for securing multiple bikes I am more likely to take the longer one. For one bike 120cm is fine.

Kryptonite advertises to be especially drill and pick resistent, Via Velo on the other hand advertises with similar features.

For securing high end bikes I will personally favor the Kryptonite, for normal commute bikes I will continue using the Via Velo.

Kryptonite Locking Cylinder Closup Photograph
Dustcover: Slide to close
Via Velo Locking Cylinder Closeup Photography
Dustcover: Turn to close

Conclusion Via Velo U-Lock

The Via Velo U Lock features a strong and durable feeling design. In comparison with the Kryptonite it does feel a bit cheaper in terms of quality. The dustcover needs more force to close and the mounting bracket on the lock is made out of plastic. Disregarding those facts it is a lock that only costs about 20€. For that money you get a super solid 13mm steel shackle U-Lock that is more secure than most competitors (non U-Locks) at that price point.

Who is this lock for?

This lock is for your everyday commute bike. I am using it to secure my bike at university and I am not worried about my bike getting stolen.
Via Velo U Lock Review Conclusion
Price to Performance Winner


Conclusion Kryptonite Evolution 7 mini

The Kryptonite Evolution 7 Mini is an excellent choice for your premium bike. Mountainbikes, Roadbikes and all expensive bikes will profit from being safely secured. The lock looks and feels more premium. It uses a double cylinder deadbolt design that improves security. The frame mount is sleek and easy to use.

Who is this lock for?

This lock is for your premium bike which you have to lock up in public. I use this lock to secure my custom YT Jeffsy that I have reviewed in this article. Even though this is one of the best bike locks on the market I usually only lock my high end bikes for short periods of time. 
Kryptonite Evolution 7 mini Review Conclusion
Performance Winner


Final Thoughts

There are many daily situations where a “cheaper”, but still secure lock is fine. If I had to purchase a bike lock for my city bike I would pick the Via Velo.

 Riding my mountain or road bike I would chose to bring the Kryptonite. It is more secure and the frame mount is constructed much better.

This article is not sponsored. Via Velo sent their products for review. 

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