SQ Lab 611 Review – Best MTB Enduro Saddle?

SQ Lab 611 mounted on a Rockshox Rerverb

The SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active is a mountainbike saddle that many people consider the best saddle in its class. It is packed with features like the Active Technology, the Ergowave, some mysterious elastomers and more. In this review we will dive deep into a high quality mountainbike enduro saddle and find out what the included technologies can offer.

Is the SQ Lab Ergowave Active as good as its reputation and should we call it the Best MTB Enduro Saddle?

Let’s find out together.

SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active mounted on a Rockshox Reverb Stealth on a YT Jeffsy
SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active on a YT Jeffsy

1. About SQ Lab

SQ Lab is a German Brand founded back in 2002. The company is well know for its focus on Science & Research combined with a design that won’t disappoint you. SQ Lab has specialized in the three contact points of a bike, saddles, grip, pedals and handlebars.

SQ Lab developed the Active technology in 2008 and even a decade later still uses it in the most performance oriented saddles they produce. Let’s say it like this. SQ Lab uses the technology because it is working. – They were ahead of its times.

2015: One of SQ Lab biggest Milestones was the release of the Ergowave technology after a three-year research project with the FH and University Hospital Frankfurt.

More on the Active and Ergowave technology later.

The SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active features, as its name would suggest, a combination out of the two technologies mentioned above. 

Review SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active Quality Back of the Saddle
Top Notch Build Quality

2. SQ Lab 611 Specs

SQ Lab 611 Ergowave ActiveSpecs
Area of UseMtb Tech & Trail
Available Widths in CM12,13,14,15
Max Weight (KG)100
Length (mm)280
Weight with Elastomere (g)267g

Let’s find out if the SQ Lab 611 ergowave active is the Best MTB Enduro Saddle.

Test SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active 14cm width

3. SQ Lab 611: Which size should I choose?

3.1 Seat Bone Measurement

Since 2002 SQ Lab offers a free “sit bone measurement kit” that you can order online. It is a piece of cardboard that you can use to determine which saddle width will be ideal. Check out SQ Labs explanation how to find your optimum saddle width.

I can highly recommend to order the measurement kit online and find out what sit bone size you should use. In addition you can use that size to measure your current saddle to see whether it could be useful to switch.

SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active Shot of the size label, good Build Quality, 14cm width
SQ Lab 611 14cm version

The SQ Lab 611 is available in four sizes, 12, 13, 14 and 15 cm. I measured my sit bones according to the SQ Lab guide and found the 14cm version to be recommended. 

3.2 Right Saddle for your field of use

The SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active is specially built for your Allmountain, Trail or Enduro BikeNon the less it will make a great job on your hardtail, fat bike or cx bike. Maybe a better specification would rather be “off-road optimized”.

6. Durability SQ Lab 611

SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active Kevlar reinforced back of the saddle to protect against impact
Kevlar reinforcement in the exposed places

The SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active is build with durability in mind. For instance places like the rear of the saddle are reinforced with kevlar material to prevent damage at exposed parts. The saddle rails are build with a high quality standard in mind and don’t make any noises. Nice!

SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active saddle rails s-tube version
Well constructed! Strong materials

4. Comfort

SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active Active Technology Explanation
Active Technology: SQ Lab 611

Back to Active Technology. As you can see in the picture above there is a special elastomer built into the saddle. It allows the saddle to move up to 7 degrees from left to right. According to SQ Lab the saddle can simulate the natural movement of walking and increases the efficiency of the pedaling motion. As another benefit it reduces pressure to the sitbones.


SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active technology allows up and down movement

SQ Lab ships every saddle with 3 different elastomers, the white one is the softest, grey the middle and the black one the hardest. You can switch them out and to fine tune the amount of flexibility you want for your saddle. For heavier riders the harder elastomers can be a good starting point.

I have heard that many professional riders like to ride their saddles without the elastomers. That way the saddle should flex even easier. I will try it out and tell you about it.

Ergowave Shape of the SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active
Ergowave shape

The Ergowave shape can be explained best with pictures. As you can see the saddle nose in considerably lower than the rear. That way the SQ Lab 611 applies less pressure to sensitive areas of men and women alike. The fit and form of the saddle is build to be efficient and comfortable. The raised back provides more support and ensures efficient power transmission.

When riding the SQ Lab you can feel the place your sit bones are supposed to sit. The saddle supports you to the front and back which was a new experience for me.

Raised Back for more rearward support on a SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active
Raised Back for more rearward support

5. Weight

The SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active can be purchased in different material. Carbon rails or S-Tube Rails. Our model uses the S-tube rails. When thinking about the carbon version keep in mind that it uses oval shaped rails. Make sure you can mount them before ordering one. 

(without elastomers)
Total Weight
611 ERGOWAVE active 12cm220g246g
611 Ergowave active Carbon 12cm191g217g
Our Test Saddle:
611 Ergowave active 14cm
Comparison SQ Lab and Ergon

Compared to an Ergon SMC4-M which weights in a 290g the SQ Lab 611 Ergowave active is a bit lighter while still being a bit wider and longer. Good Job SQ Lab!

The Ergon uses a super soft gel that is comfortable on short bike rides but not that good on longer rides. The SQ Lab on the other hand uses a relative firm padding, that is constructed to absorb bumps while being lightweight and comfortable.

7. Who is this saddle for?

SQ Lab 611 mounted on a Rockshox Rerverb

This saddle should be the go to for everybody having problems and pain on their current model. It uses advanced technology and can help you avoid frustrations. If you are happy with your current saddle there is no need to switch. On the other hand the performance and features are worth knowing. I would recommend to try it out yourself if you have the chance to.

8. Our Testing Bike

SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active mounted on our test bike a YT Jeffsy

Awesome MTB tested this saddle on a YT Jeffsy Allmountain/ Enduro Bike. Going both uphill and downhill on the wet and muddy trails in Regensburg, Germany we were able to test out all the features. For all in depth detail about my YT Jeffsy you can read more here.

9. Conclusion/ Our Opinion

The SQ Lab 611 is definitely one of the best Mountainbike Enduro Saddles out on the market. It is not cheap but compared to competitors with a similar features the SQ Lab is priced right. Consider this saddle to be the one that helps you to ride pain free, than the price isn’t too bad.

I will continue riding the SQ Lab 611 Ergowave active and will update this article accordingly. I am interested to see how it handles the use and abuse of longterm trail riding and enduro racing. 


Overall Score:
Test SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active 14cm width

This article is not sponsored. SQ Lab sent these products for review. 

More Information: https://www.sq-lab.com

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