7 Must Have Mountainbike Tools!

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Hello 🙂 you are riding a mountainbike and looking for a list of tools that everyone should own. Look no further. This list includes all Must have MTB tools to maintain and repair your bike. Keep in mind I would not carry all of these on a mtb trip in my backpack. I am sure there is at least one tool you still miss out on.

Whats in my bag. Read this article for my recommendation for what to take with you to your next ride. 

1. Allenkeys:

Wera L Shaped Allenkeys

This is one of the best mountainbike allen key set that I have used ever. They are called wera allen keys and they come in different colours for easy identification.

2. Torx Keys

Wera Torx Keys

Many good bike components like drivetrains and brakes uses torx screws- better have a good tool! 🙂

3. Good Floor Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Sport III

Pumping up your tires with a bad pump can be super annoying. I am using this one for all of my tubeless setups. I can definitely recommend it a lot. 🙂

4. Shock Pump

Rockshox shock pump

Setting up suspension right is important. Every mountainbiker should own an own shock pump. I am using mine since a couple of years. Buy once use forever.

5. Masterlink-Pliers

BikeHand Masterlink Pliers

This tool is super simple and cheap. You use it to open and close your master link from a 9-12 speed chain. Everyone who has ever tried opening a master link with a normal plier knows how good it is to have this tool. For me a Must Have. 

6. Workstand

Feedback Sport Pro Elite

A good workstand makes your life so much better. You can use it for both, repairing and cleaning purposes. This one is not the cheapest one but it in my opinion it is a good choice. Read Feedback Sport Pro Elite Review to find out why.

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