Every Ride Mountainbike Maintenance Tasks – 6 Tips!

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Today we are going to look at Every Ride Mountainbike Maintenance Tasks. I will show you 6 Useful Tips that will help to ride smooth for a long time.

We all love the New Bike Day. Right? You open the carton, or roll your brand new bike out of your local bike shop, sun is shining and everything is perfect. Your bike feels amazing smooth.

Do these simple task to make sure your bike will keep running smooth for a long time.


After Every Ride!

Clean your Stanchions!

Rockshox Lyrik Fork Detail Photo
Clean Stanchions! Good ride.

Your mountainbike suspension works with some super small tolerances. When dust and dirt enters the system it causes friction that reduces performance of your suspension. 

Make sure you take a rag and clean your stanchions after every ride. Small task, big improvement. 

I often get ask what to use to clean or lube your suspension. Use the original Oil that is inside your fork! For fox users it’s called fox suspension fluid, for rockshox users its rockshox 0W30 suspension fluid. I would avoid all other products like brunox. Oftentimes those oils don’t match the same viscosity and therefore are not optimal for performance.

Check for Sounds!

SRAM XX1 Eagle Drivetrain on a YT Jeffsy

A well maintained bike runs pretty silent without squeaking or rattling. If your have some unusual sounds better find out where they are coming from. Often times noise come from your drivetrain. When you have a Bikestand like the Topeak we reviewed in this article, you should get your bike up and pedal in the air. Check for sounds again. If the noise doesn’t come out of the drivetrain you can further check all the bearing like bottom bracket, headset and rear linkage bearings.

Check your chain!

Absolute Black Oval Chainring

Have a quick look at your chain. Is it dry? Lube it. Is it super dirty? Take a rag and clean it. It’s simple but will definitely increase the lifetime of your drivetrain a lot.

Pre Ride Tips!

Pump up your tires!

Maxxis Minion DHG 3C 29x2,5 WT

This is more a pre ride tip. Making sure you always ride with the same tire pressure is essential to get to know how much grip your tires really have. 

Check your suspension Pressure!

Red Mountainbike Detailed Shot. Front Rockshox Lyrik Fork with Debonaire Upgrade installed
Checking your Suspension Pressure will make a huge difference.

Fairly similar to tire pressure it’s a good idea to check shock pressure! Make sure to measure sag with all your riding gear on. Helmet, Backpack and Water included.

From time to time you should have a look at your damping settings, rebound and compression.

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