20 Christmas Gifts for Mountainbikers

Christmas Presents for Mountainbikers

Welcome to our Ultimate Guide: Christmas Gifts for Mountainbikers that will help you to find the right gift for your loved ones.

This article includes mountainbike parts and apparel every mountainbiker would love to get.

Our Ultimate Guide is structured into two different sections, at first some cheaper products most of them just under 25$ and some more high end ones at the end of this article. This article will cover something for every mountainbiker.

1. Alloy Valve Caps

Christmas Gift for Mountainbikers: Red Custom Valve Caps
My personal Valve Caps

Flashy, colorful and custom. Alloy valve caps help you making your bike individual. For about 5-10$ a pair it definitely is a recommended gift for every bike enthusiast. 

2. Marsh Guard - Saving your Face

Blue Marsh Guard for you mtb

The main purpose of a Marsh or Mud Guard is to protect the rider from dirt and mud. You install the Mudguard on your front fork with cable ties. That’s it. Simple but effective.

3. Carbon Spacers

Carbon Spacer, Christmas Gift Mountain Bike Riders
Carbon Spacers make every bike look nicer.

Carbon spacers are an easy way to start customizing a bike. The are cheap, lightweight and will help your bike to look a bit more professional. So. Why not.

The bike company “Tune” offers some really nice ones too.

Christmas Gift for Mountainbikers: Tune Carbon Spacer

4. New Mountainbike Gloves - Good for your hands

Picture of Fox Ranger Gloves

Every mountainbiker needs gloves. They protect our hands and usually wear out faster than we like to buy new ones. Getting some nice ones for Christmas is a lovely idea. True mountainbikers prefer companys like Fox, Poc, 100% and Troy Lee Design.

5. Bike Yoke Custom Matchmaker Clamp

Many riders including myself prefer to ride Sram shifting combined with Shimano braking components. A custom matchmaker clamp ensures you will keep a clean and tidy cockpit while riding the components you love. There are also versions available for Shimano shifting and Sram braking. I have got my personal matchmaker adapter for my birthday and it is a present that I enjoy everyday.

The bracket on the picture is from a Shimano saint brake, the matchmaker clamp allows me to combine a Sram XX1 shifter with Shimano Saint brake on a single clamp. Nice! 

6. New Goggles

There are many good googles out on the market. Googles are widely used in the downhill market but many enduro and allmountain riders have started to love and use them. Giving away some googles is a nice present and there is no rider that wouldn’t enjoy a new pair or even their first pair.

7. New Grips

Grips wear out after some time. Some new ones are always a nice way to make somebody happy. Be careful with colors. Colors have to match exactly otherwise black is a better solution.

I am riding Ergon GD1 Grips because of the tacky feel and the tapered conical shape.

Ergon GD1 attached to a YT Jeffsy 29
Ergon GD1 Black

8. Camelback Magnet Clip

The camelback magnet clip helps you to quickly attach and release your drinking hose to your backpack. Many backpacks for Mountainbikers come with a different mounting solution for drinking hoses. Getting this little upgrade kit will change the way you use your camelback. Usually it’s the small things that make the biggest improvements.

9. Crank Boots

Modern Mountainbikes feature low bottom brackets to get you inside the bike, better cornering stability and more control. The downside is that your cranks will hit the ground more often than on older bikes. Crank boots compensate that issue and protect your cranks. Crankboots come in different colors and shapes to match your crank.

Swipe through the pictures to see how to install some RaceFace Crank Boots.

10. Tubless Kit

Tubeless is one of the best innovations in the mountainbike industry since a long time. There are still some Mountainbikers who don’t want to try it out. Make them a unique Christmas gift and let them experience why tubeless is just better.

Christmas Gifts for Mountainbikers Picture of a Tubeless Set
All you need to get your bike tubeless. Trust me!

11. 11 or 12 speed drivetrain

One by is here to stay. Converting from 2*10 or 3*10 will make your mtb lighter and a lot more convenient on the trail. My suggestion is switching to to 1*12 GX Eagle. That’s a nice combination between function, weight and price. Riding a eagle drivetrain for more than two year now I have high hopes that you will love it as much as I do.

Picture of a XX1 Eagle drivetrain attached to a 2016 YT Jeffsy
XX1 Eagle 12 speed setup

12. Good quality shifting cables Jagwire

Good shifting is not possible without some regularly maintained shifting cables. When changing out cables and hoses yourself get some jagwire ones to increase friction even further and get some longer service intervals and better shifting.

Christmas Gift: Picture of a Jagwire Universal Sport Shift Cable Set
Say hello to longer service intervals.

13. Multi Tool

Every Mountainbiker should own a well constructed and functional multitool. If you know somebody who is missing out on that or always borrows your tool make him a nice Christmas gift. He will use it for a very long time.

Picture of a golden Crankbrothers M19 Multitool
My multitool of choice.

14. Rockshox Debonair upgrade

For everybody who knows the RockShox Debonair Kit I can simply say: “Go get it. It’s worth it.” For everybody else I want to quickly explain it. The Dabonair Kit is a tuning air shaft inside your RockShox Pike or Lyrik front suspension. The debonair shaft controls the size for the different air chambers, the positive and negative air chamber. With the debonair Kit you are able to increase the size of the negative chamber a lot. That way your suspension will get more sensitive when riding over small to medium size bumps. After installing into your suspension it will feel brand new again. The installation is fairly simple and you can follow RockShox’s Step by Step Tutorial. I have converted a RockShox pike with Charger 1 damping and a Rockshox Lyrik with Charger 2 damping. In both cases it was a huge improvement and well worth ever single dollar.

15. Evoc Saddle Bag

I know what you are thinking. Saddle bags aren’t sexy at all. But you know what is? Riding without a bag pack. A good saddle bag can hold your spare tube, some patches, a multi tool and all the things you carry on your normal bike ride.

Picture of a Evoc Saddle Bag
Picture by Amazon

16. Night Riding Lights - Lupine Blika R

We all know this winter feeling. Leaving home when it’s dark and coming back home when it’s dark again. A high power night riding light like the lupine can help you to keep on riding during winter. Every Mountainbiker who has tried it loves the feeling of smashing through the night.

Picture of Lupine Blika R Light
Picture by Lupine

17. Tubless pump - Topeak Joeblow Booster

The biggest difficulty when converting to tubeless is the first inflation of your tire. Most of the time it can be done using a well constructed floor pump, on the other hand a special tubeless pump will make your life a lot easier. You can turn a switch at the pump head and charge the tubeless department with a lot of air. When inflating your tubeless tire the only thing you have to do is to connect the hose onto the valve and than release the air with a switch. – Convenient!

Picture of Joeblow Booster
Picture by Amazon

18. Evoc Bike travel bag

Evoc produces one of the best Mountainbike travel bags. Evocs bike travel bags combine some hard glass fibre rods with a soft pack bag design. I have personally used an EVOC Bike Travel Bag (Danny MacAskill Edition) for a long flight to New Zealand. It worked flawlessly and my bike arrived without a single new scratch. So I can recommend it a lot.

Picture of an Evoc Bike Travel Bag
Picture by Amazon

19. Oval Chainring

Absolute Black is a company that produces the best looking and feeling chainrings. The main difference is that they are oval instead of round. Some of you might think of Shimano Biopace which failed to succeed in the 80s and 90s. Absolute Black is similar but totally different.

 Check out Absolute Blacks Website to find out about why oval make sense.

Picture of Absolute Black Oval Chainring
"Please understand Absolute Black’s oval design IS NOT ‘Biopace’ technology. Shimano created their non-round Biopace chainrings with a completely different orientation of the biggest radius of the oval. Their ring orientation has since been widely accepted as being fundamentally wrong. Instead of positioning it in power zone - which is slightly below the level of the crank - they clocked it to the dead zone where human physiology generates least power. The result was that in power zone pedalling was too easy and in dead zone too hard, causing knee pain and lumpy pedalling cadence. Exactly opposite to how it should be. The opposite of how it is with an Absolute Black oval chainring fitted to your bike."

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20. SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Active

The SQ Lab 611 is definitely one of the best Mountainbike Enduro Saddles out on the market. It is not cheap but compared to competitors with a similar features the SQ Lab is priced right.

It is packed with features like the Active Technology, the Ergowave, some mysterious elastomers and more. Read our full review to find out if this is the one to chose. SQ Lab 611 Review

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