Bike Board One Review

Bike Board One in Action

The Bike Board One is built by the German company Shredbrothers. It’s biggest feature is the ability to move the bike and the bikestand together on 4 heavy duty double rollers attached to it. This comes really handy in spaces like your garage or your apartment.


The stand is built with longevity in mind. It feels super sturdy due to being build out of 4 mm thick steel plates and a total product weight of 7,5 kg (16.53 lb). Also the double wheels feel good.

Negative aspects:

Positive aspects:


I am using the Bike Board One every day and I can recommend it for everyone who wants to keep a high quality mountainbike parked securely. It’s safe to say this bikestand will last a long time due to the rugged design.


Leon is the founder of Awesome Mountainbike. He started this journey with the intention to provide a valuable opinion and good photography for the gravity oriented part of mountain biking.

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